Dr R K Sharma

Wyburn-Mason Syndrome: A rare phacomatosis.

” Looking for a photo ?? But it is a photo, one of  a sketch presented as a complaint to the retinologist of what the patient was seeing as a floater. The patient happens to be an artist. Amazingly, It is a floating dislocated IOL with the bag & a CTR. “

Dr.Dinesh Rungta

Description of image

Optos ultra-widefield retinal image of a 7-year-old male child showing bilateral macular colobomata with temporal dragging of optic disc.


Bilateral macular colobomata With Temporal dragging of optic disc

Dr.Krishnendu Nandi

Description of the Image: Smokestack leak in acute CSCR with subretinal fibrin generates a dipping morphological pattern on OCT