Dr Veer Singh

Title : Advanced Diabetic Table-Top Tractional Retinal Detachment Description : This is an intra-operative still image during the bimanual vitrectomy for advanced diabetic table-top tractional retinal detachment.  

Dr Anand Singh Brar

Title : Necklace of retinal macrocysts in an eye with Coloboma related Retinal Detachment Description : Multiple large retinal macrocysts (in an eye with coloboma-related retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinopathy) in the only-seeing eye of a 13-year-old boy posed management challenges. A few of them were big and interfered with retinal attachment. The retina settled with an encircling band, pars plana vitrectomy, internal drainage of the cysts, endo laser, and silicone oil injection.

Dr Nabatika Mohanty

Title : Pigmentary Deposits Over the Surfaces of SFIOL Description : 35-Year-Male with traumatic dislocation of cataractous lens underwent PPV+PPL+SFIOL. Post op 1 month the SFIOL was stable and centered, but multiple pigmentary deposits were noted on both surfaces of the SFIOL. These pigments did not resolve with conservative management for 2 months. The patient was advised to undergo repeat surgery to clear these pigments, to which he denied.