Dipanjana Das

Title : The Macular Eclipse: a case of sub Macular Cysticercosis.

Description : A 30 years male presented with history of sudden diminution of vision in left eye for past 10 days associated with headache. On examination visual acuity in the right and left eye was 6/6 and 6/60 respectively. Anterior segment was unremarkable with extraocular motility full in all directions. Fundus examination of the left eye revealed a well demarcated yellowish – white dome shaped elevated submacular lesion approximately 4 disc diameter size with a central yellowish opacity (scolex) and another area of yellowish opacity superotemporal to lesion (probable site of entry). USG B scan of the left eye showed a cystic lesion with high reflective scolex supporting the diagnosis of sub macular cysticercosis in the left eye.

Sourav Damodaran

Title : The Double tomato splash

Description : A 24 yr old female c/o sudden onset painless loss of vision.She was a known case of APLA syndrome.Fundus revealed an combined vascular occlusion.On subsequent follow up she developed vit hemorrhage with Neovascular glaucoma

Bhavani S

Title : “Medusa head appearance of optic nerve head”

Description : A 32 year old female presented with complaints of defective vision in left eye. BCVA in left eye – 6/18. Patient was a known diabetic for 4 years with uncontrolled glycemic status. Fundus examination of her left eye showed extensive fibrovascular proliferation over the optic disc and FFA of her left eye showed extensive leakage of dye from the fibrovascular proliferation giving an appearance of medusa head to optic nerve head. Patient was advised PRP for her left eye.