Winner of July 2022

Dr. Arthi .M

Title: Leukemic optic nerve infiltration and CRVO as the presenting feature of relapse in ALL

Description: A 42 year old male came with complaints of sudden painless loss of vision in right eye for 8 hours. He was a known cases of acute lymphoid leukemia who had completed 8 cycles of chemotherapy in the past and was in remission for past 1 year. On examination BCVA was 1/60 with grade 2 RAPD. Fundus examination revealed optic disc edema with multiple dot and blot hemorrhages in the retina. MRI brain was suggestive of leukemic optic nerve head infiltration. Oncologist review confirmed patient was in blast crisis with CNS relapse and patient was advised intrathecal chemotherapy with CNS irradiation. Unfortunately patient succumbed to the illness while on chemotherapy. Retinal findings be an indication for underlying lethal systemic illness and any atypical findings should warrent thorough systemic evaluation.”

Dr. Nivesh Gupta

Description: Montage image of a 25-year-old woman with multiple traction bands status post multiple lasers in a case of multiple angiomas.

Dr. Shilpi Narnaware

Title : The Devil Eyes

Description: Valsalva induced sub-hyaloid & sub macular haemorrhage.