Dr. Surabhi Gupta

Title: The eye siren! – A case of VHL

Description: A 25 year old male presented with chief complaints of diminution of vision in right eye for past 2 weeks. Best corrected visual acuity in right eye was 6/12, N8 and left eye was 6/6, N6. Indirect ophthalmoscopy revealed thin epiretinal membrane causing traction over the macula in the right eye with both eyes showing multiple capillary hemangiomas. On PET- CT multiple metabolically inactive cystic lesions were noted in the pancreas and seminal vesicle with low grade metabolically active cystic lesion with enhancing septations present in kidneys which were suspicious for malignant etiology. MRI brain showed presence of a small cystic lesion anterior to cerebellar vermis suggestive of CNS hemangioblastoma. A diagnosis of Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome was made and the patient is under oncologist care for suspected RCC.

Dr. Rushik Patel

Title: Retinal Crescent

Description: Left eye fundus of 44 years old male showing macular multilayered hemorrhage along with proliferative diabetic retinopathy. Radial scan of SS-OCT showed juxtamacular Retinal artery microaneurysm (RAM) along with subhyaloid + sub ILM + intraretinal haemorrhage on 3 sides of RAM sparing temporal side. This gives an appearance of “CRESCENT” in the retina. There was also vitreous hemorrhage along with macular subhyaloid and sub ILM haemorrhage.

Dr. Sourav D

Title: The double RVO

Description: A 50-year male presented with sudden onset DOV. Fundus in RE revealed venous tortuosity with retinal hemorrhages along STQ and ITQ arcade sparing the nasal retina. A diagnosis of STQ and ITQ RVO (double RVO) with CME was made and the patient was advised of intravitreal injection.