Dr.Avadhesh Oli

Image 1 Hemorrhagic Occlusive Retinal Vasculitis (HORV) following prophylactic intra-cameral Vancomycin injection after cataract surgery

A fundus photograph of the right eye showing vascular sheathing and occlusive vasculitis with extensive retinal hemorrhages. The yellow arrow shows the relatively uninvolved area of the patient’s inferior macula suggestive of an area of pathological sparing wherein perfusion of the inner retina may have been dependent on a cilioretinal artery rather than a branch of the central retinal artery. An optical coherence tomography image shows ischemic, hyperreflective inner retinal layers and edema (inset).

Dr.Mukesh Porwal

Description of image

This is an ocular fundus autofluorescence montage image of traumatic choroidal tears in the parafoveal and peripapillary areas due to injury with a cricket ball. FAF brings out the deeper details of the retinal pigment epithelium and choroidal splitting in such cases much more vividly than color or red-free images.

Dr.Arvind Jain M

a. right eye fundus image and b. FFA montage of a 8 year old boy showing light bulb aneurysms of the arterioles with exudation with sub retinal fibrosis and telangiectasia in periphery who complained of defective vision, classical of coats disease.