Dr. Chitturi Venkata Sai Prashanti

Title: PEEK-A-BOO!!

Description:  A middle aged lady had undergone glaucoma filtration surgery for advanced glaucomatous disc damage. Following poor IOP control, bleb massage and suture release was done, which lead to hypotony induced choroidal detachment. Optos ultra wide-field image showed panoramic image of choroidal detachment which gave an appearance of ‘peek-a-boo with the disc’. Ultra-wide-filed imaging helps in monitoring the extent and severity of CD’s during follow-up.

Dr. Jiz Mary Santhosh

Title: ” The incomplete Web”


“Widefield Fluorescein angiography showing peripheral avascular retina in both eyes of a 46 year old female. The Peripapillary capillary knots ( yellow arrow) and the aneursymal vascular dilatations ( red arrowhead) and the peripheral avasularity ( after ruling out other etiologies) was consistent with the diagnosis of IRVAN – Idiopathic Retinal Vasculitis Aneurysms and Neuroretinitis”


Title: Lunar halo in the midnight fundus- A celestial glow

Description: FFA image of both eyes of Stargardt disease – The classical “dark choroid” sign or silent choroid sign presents in 80% where the retinal blood vessel is highlighted against a hypofluorescent choroid. It results from blockage of early choroidal fluorescence by lipofuscin in the RPE. Flecks appear hypoflourescent due to blocked transmission but may appear hyperfluorescent in the presence of atrophy. RPE atrophy appear hyperfluorescent due to transmission defects. A peripapillary dark choroid ring sign is typical of late stage disease.

Prof.Reema Bansal

Title: Metastatic bilateral optic nerve infiltration in a 46-year-old female with Carcinoma of Breast, masquerading as central retinal vein occlusion

Description:  A 46-year-old female, a known case of carcinoma of breast, having completed chemotherapy, presented with sudden and bilateral loss of vision. Fundus examination revealed bilateral central retinal vein occlusion with optic nerve infiltrates, suggestive of metastatic disease. An urgent oncology referral was sought. Patient was lost to follow up in ophthalmology department.