Dr.Deepanshu Agrawal

Image: Retcam (shuttle) images of a 32 week infant with birth weight of 1360 grams. Image depicts a zone 2, stage 2 disease, with 12 clock hours of involvement, bilaterally, with no plus disease; a Type 2 ETROP. Also associated are multiple popcorn lesions all around, just within the ridge.

Dr.Atheeshwar Das

Please find attached my entry for Interesting images of Retina Photography Contest. I have titled it as “Naked retina” an unusual/ rare presentation of Sub foveal hemorrhage in an albinotic fundus with severe nystagmus. OCT couldn’t be captured due to the nystagmus. I have written a brief about the case in slide 2. Please do let me know about the status of my entry.

Dr.Saveen Gupta