VRSI has a safety committee for the members. The purpose of this committee is to help it’s members share their experience of an adverse event with any drug/procedure with other members of the society. The commonest one being after intravitreal injections of various drugs. The safety committee will analyze the event in detail and send an update in case of one reported or an alert if there is a cluster of cases reported from the same drug. Members may directly contact any member of the safety committee and send in the details of the event in the form available on the website. VRSI may also decide to take the issue with the concerned company.

Requesting all the members to make an effort to do so and update VRSI on time of such events as this will help us keep a registry of adverse events and know our Indian data.

Members may contact by email or call one of the safety committee members
1. Dr. Piyush Bansal – 77989 88676
2. Dr. Vasumathy Vedantham– 94426 31370
3. Dr. Mudit Tyagi – 95533 39042
4. Dr. Manisha Agarwal – 98115 84615