An unofficial meeting to form the Society has been held on 25th August 1991, under the Executive Committee consisting of

  • T. N. Ursekar – President
  • B. T. Maskati – Vice President
  • RP Jahangir – Hon. Secretary
  • Kirit Mody – Hon. Treasure

And has been decided to form a society of Vitreo-Retinal Surgeons of India, under the name of Vitreo-Retina Society of India.

In 1992, first official meeting under the name of VRSI – India was held on 1st February, at New Delhi, prior to Golden Jubilee Conference of AIOS. In the same meeting it was decided that there should be a separate annual meeting for the Vitreo-Retina Society a part from AIOS and was decided to hold 1st Annual Meeting in Mumbai.

1993: 1st Meeting: The 1st Annual meeting to be held in Mumbai was cancelled due to riots and disturbances in Mumbai during 1993.

There after it was decided to hold the 2nd annual meeting in Kolkata. Thus the 2nd Annual meeting held at Kolkata is the 1st official annual meeting of the Vitreo-Retina Society of India. There after there is no look back for the Society and the other annual meetings are held as following:

III Annual Meeting – 1st February, 1995 – Mumbai

IV Annual Meeting – 1st February, 1996– Chandigarh

V Annual Meeting – 12th February 1997– Mumbai

VI Annual Meeting – February 1998 – Delhi

VII Annual Meeting – 18 to 20th February 1999 – Ahmedabad

VIII Annual Meeting – 12 to 14th February 2000 – Amritsar

IX Annual Meeting – 16 to 18th February 2001 – Jaipur

X Annual Meeting – 8 to 10th February 2002 – Goa

XI Annual Meeting – 14 to 16th February 2003 – Chandigarh

XII Annual Meeting – 19 to 21st February 2004 – Ramnagar

XIII Annual Meeting – 23 to 25th February 2005 – Ooty

XIV Annual Meeting – 7 to 9th December 2005 – Kajarhaho

XV Annual Meeting – 6 to 8th December 2006 – Kochi

XVI Annual Meeting – 20 to 22nd September 2007- Mussoorie