1 [PP1] – The Claw- A Novel Intraocular Foreign Body Removal Forceps Dr.Maneesh Manohar Bapaye Dr.Maneesh Manohar Bapaye Dr.Mahesh Shanmugam P,
Dr.S Natarajan
2 [PP4] – Retinal Crescent- Innovation in Diabetic Membrane Dissection Dr.Maneesh Manohar Bapaye Dr.Maneesh Manohar Bapaye
3 [PP7] – Primary Vitrectomy for Fresh & Old Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment without Belt Buckle with & without ILM Peel. Dr.Shilpi Narnaware Dr.Shilpi Narnaware Dr.Prashant Keshao Bawankule
4 [PP8] – Primary Vitrectomy in Paediatric Retinal Detachments : Our Experience Dr.Shilpi Narnaware Dr.Shilpi Narnaware Dr.Prashant Keshao Bawankule
5 [PP15] – Title: Role of Bevacizumab in Aggressive Posterior Retinopathy of Prematurity Dr.Keerthi Kunche Dr.Keerthi Kunche Dr.Venugopal Reddy YC,
Dr.Syed Mohideen Abdul Khadar
6 [PP18] – Sutureless Sfiol Surgery and Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage- Angels and Demons at Play Dr.Pratyusha G Dr.Pratyusha G Dr.anavi Deokrishna Sindal,
Dr.Prabu Baskaran
7 [PP24] – Sutureless, Flapless and Glueless Technique of Scleral Fixated 3-piece IOLS-our Experience Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav Dr.Ruchir M Dr.Santosh Gopikrishna Gadde
8 [PP30] – Fundus Screening Using MII Retcam Dr.Astha Jain Dr.Astha Jain Dr.S Natarajan,
Dr.Ashish Sharma
9 [PP34] – Aqueous Humour Biomarkers and Bespoke Therapeutical Approach to Macular Edema in Retinal Vein Occlusions (Abber Study) Dr.Aditya Modi Dr.Ruchir M Dr.Neha Sudhakar Peraka, Dr.Naresh Kumar Yadav
10 [PP43] – Predictors of Recurrance after Primary Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Repair Dr.Anubhav Goyal Dr.Anubhav Goyal Dr.Anantharaman Giridhar,
Dr.Mahesh. G
11 [PP54] – 20g Trocar Cannula Free Snip Sutureless Vitrectomy Dr.Payal P Prof.Ajay Indur Dudani DR Dr.Payal P
12 [PP57] – Hemorrhage, A Boon to Retinal Capillary Hemangioma (RCH) Dr.Laxmi Prabhavathi Savla Dr.Laxmi Prabhavathi Savla Dr.Umesh Chandra Behera
13 [PP61] – Comparative Study of Laser Retinopexy in Primary MIVS With Gas for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Dr.Hrita Gogate Hrita Dr.Hrita Gogate Hrita Dr.Hemanth Murthy, ,
br Dr.Muralidhar N S
14 [PP64] – Intravitreal Injections – A Patient’s Perspective Dr.Lobo A Dr.Lobo A Dr.Daraius Shroff,
Dr.Arun B
15 [PP66] – Electroretinogram Changes in Children with Retinopathy of Prematurity Managed with Various Treatment Modalities Dr.Tapas Ranjan Padhi TRP Dr.Tapas Ranjan Padhi TRP
16 [PP75] – Correlation of Microvascular Changes in Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion on Panorama Oct Angiography with Fluorescein Angiography Dr.Navneet Mehrotra NM Dr.Navneet Mehrotra NM Dr.Manish Nagpal, Dr.Pranita Chaudhary
Dr.Rakesh Juneja RJ
17 [PP77] – OCT Angiography in Choroidal Neovascular Membrane Secondary to wet age related Macular Degeneration undergoing Treatment with Anti VEGF Injections Dr.Pranita Chaudhary Dr.Pranita Chaudhary Dr.Manish Nagpal,
Dr.Navneet Mehrotra NM,
Dr.Rakesh Juneja RJ
18 [PP80] – Transient Subretinal Exudation after Photodynamic Therapy: A Retrospective Study Dr.Ratnesh Ranjan Dr.Ratnesh Ranjan Dr.Manayath George Joseph,
Dr.Swapnil Vidhate,
Dr.V Narendran