1[PP161] Profile Of Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP) Among Different Neonatal Intensive Care Units In a Two Tier City In Eastern  INDIA-A Retrospective AnalysisDr.Amit NeneDr.Amit NeneDr.Tapas Ranjan Padhi TRP, Dr.Umesh Chandra Behera, Dr.Laxmi Prabhavathi Savla, Mr.Sameer Sutar
2[PP127] A Simple Trigonometric Method Of Point To Point Correlation Of Angiographic Leak With Sdoct In Cases Of CSCDr. Ajay AuroraDr. Ajay AuroraDr.Manpreet Brar
3[PP118] Quantification Of Retinal Ischaemia And Ganglion Cell Damage In Resolved Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion Using SD- OCT Angiography.Dr.Manpreet BrarDr.Manpreet BrarDr.S P S Grewal
4[PP109] Visual Results And SD OCT Changes After Simultaneous Secondary Epiretinal Membrane( ERM) Removal In Eyes Undergoing Silicone Oil Removal.Dr.Gagan BhatiaDr.Gagan BhatiaDr.Daraius Shroff, Dr.Charu Gupta, Dr.Cyrus M Shroff
5[PP105] Spontaneous Resolution Of Rhegmatogenous RD Following LSVS For Stage 4B ROPDr.Amit NeneDr.Amit NeneDr.Tapas Ranjan Padhi TRP, Dr.Laxmi Prabhavathi Savla
6[PP104] Traumatic Macular Hole: New Insights About Outcome Of Vitrectomy In a Small Case SeriesDr.Abhishek AnandDr.Abhishek Anand Dr.Lalit Agarwal T
7[PP101] Spectral Domain OCT Imaging Of The Fellow Eye Of Idiopathic Full Thickness Macular Holes(FTMH)Dr.Unni Nair RDr.Unni Nair RDr.Manoj Soman
8[PP100] Half Dose- Half Fluence PDT In Chorinic CSC – A Novel TechniqueDr.Nidhee JainDr.Nidhee JainDr.Manayath George Joseph, Dr.V Narendran
9[PP99] Treatment Warranting Zone 1 Retinopathy Of Prematurity-Clinical Profile And Outcome In a Teritiary Eye Care Centre In Eastern IndiaDr.Lubhani JainDr.Lubhani JainDr.Tapas Ranjan Padhi TRP
10[PP97] Outcomes Of Sub-Scleral Flap Pars Plana Vitrectomy And Lensectomy With Glued Intra Ocular Lens Implantation In Children With Bilateral Ectopia LentisDr.Divya BalakrishnanDr.Divya Balakrishnan 
11[PP94] Analysis Of Fellow Eye Features In Polypoidal Choroidal VasculopathyDr.Bhushan UplanchiwarDr.Bhushan UplanchiwarDr.Raja Narayanan
12[PP92] OCT Angiography Characteristics In Central Serous ChoroidopathyDr.Kumar PDr.Kumar PDr.Vinod Kumar VIN
13[PP90] Effect Of Three Monthly Injections Of Ranibizumab ON Retinal And Choroidal Thickness In Myopic Subfoveal Choroidal NeovascularisationDr.Anisha Seth Gupta AsDr.Anisha Seth Gupta ASDr. Ajay Aurora, Dr.Neeraj Sanduja
14[PP81] Epiretinal Membrane Peeling In Diabetic Macular EDEMA- Response To Theraphy.Dr.Umesh Chandra BeheraDr.Umesh Chandra Behera 
15[PP78] Chandelier Retroillumination-Assisted Phacoemulsification For PhacovitrectomyDr.Pranita ChaudharyDr.Pranita ChaudharyDr.Manish Nagpal, Dr. Navneet Mehrotra NM, Dr.Rakesh Juneja RJ
16[PP69] Endophthalmitis Progressing To Panophthalmitis : Clinical Features, Demographic Profile And Factors Predicting OutcomeDr.Vivek Pravin Dave VPDDr.Vivek Pravin Dave VPDDr.Rajeev K Reddy, Dr.Taraprasad Das, Dr.Avinash Pathengay
17[PP62] Targeted Laser Photocoagulation On Macular Edema And Treatment Burden In Retinal Vein OcculusionsDr.Manjula VHemanth Murthy 
18[PP59] Role Of Avastin In Treatment Of Vitreous Haemorrhage.Dr.Shivakumar Gangadharayya HiremathDr.Shivakumar Gangadharayya Hiremath 
19[PP50] Can 30 HZ Flicker ERG Predict Conversion Of Ischemic To Non Ischemic Central Retinal Vein Occlusion Following Treatment With Intravitreal Bevacizumab?Dr.Kushal DelhiwalaDr.Kushal DelhiwalaDr. Susvar Pradeep
20[PP47] Assessment Of The Macular function In Patients With Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CSC) Using Multifocal Electroretinography (MF-ERG)Dr.Neha Goel NGDr.Neha Goel NG 
21[PP46]Novel Autofluorescence Patterns In Stargardt Macular Dystrophy Using Ultra-wide Field ImagingDr.Vinod Kumar VINDr.Vinod Kumar VIN 
22[PP44] Multimodal Imaging Features And Management Of Extra-large Pigment Epithelial DetachmentDr.Rutul PatelDr.Rutul PatelDr.Anantharaman Giridhar, Dr.Mahesh. G
23[PP37] Sizing The IlmDr.Shalabh SSDr.Shalabh Sinha 
24[PP33] Diagnostic Modalities In Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy (PCV)Dr.Naresh Kumar YadavDr.Nimesh JainDr.Priya Srinivasan, Dr.Santosh Gopikrishna Gadde
25[PP29] Pars Planavitrectomy (PPV) As An Effective Tool For Endogenous EndophthalmitisDr.Vini LProf.Saravanan V RDr.Upendra Babu Manchala, Dr.V Narendran, Dr.Palmeera Dsouza
26[PP26] The I And The EyeDr.Anuj SDr.Anuj SDr.Sye Mohideen Abdul Khadar, Dr.Adheesh S,  Dr.Keerthi Kunche, Dr.Venugopal Reddy YC
27[PP17] Real World Evidence Of Photodynamic Therapy In Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy: An Indian ScenarioDr.Prashant JainDr.Prashant JainDr.Anantharaman Giridhar, Dr.Mahesh. G
28[PP16] DRIL : A Robust Predictor Of Visual Acuity In Center Involved Diabetic Macular EdemaDr.Prashant JainDr.Prashant JainDr.Anantharaman Giridhar, Dr.Mahesh. G
29[PP9]Foveal Detachment In Macular Telangiectasia 2ADr.Pratyusha GDr.Pratyusha GDr.Nagesha CK, Dr.Govindarajan Madanagopalan
30[PP2] ICGA In Choroiditis VIS A VIS Fundus Photography And FFA Using SpectralisDr.Preet Kanwar Singh Sodhi PKSDr.Preet Kanwar Singh Sodhi PKSDr.Jyotirmay Biswas