Started by Dr. S. Natarajan in the year 2000 by contributing Rs. 1.0 Lakh to the Endowment Fund to mark the
100th Birth Centenary of his grandfather late Dr. S. Nataraja Pillai

Year Oration Topic Recipient
Dr. Srinivas R Sadda
Dr. Pulido S Jose
2017 Update on Myopic CNV
Dr. Francesco Bandello
2016 Asymptomatic Neovascularisation in Intermediate AMD – A Novel Entity
Dr. Philip Rosenfeld
2015 Understanding Protocol T
Dr. Neil Bressler John Hopkins University, USA
2014 Oct Angiography
Dr. Richard Spaide, New York
2013 Therapeutic Targets in AMD
Dr. Alan Charles Bird London, UK
2012 Early Detection and Treatment of Choroidal Neovascularisation
Dr. Jayakrishna Ambati
2011 Pediatric Vitrectomy
Dr. Carl Claes Belgium, Germany
2010 What’s New and Interesting in Intraocular Tumors
Dr. Jerry A Shields Frankfurt AM Main, Germany
2009 Advantages and Limits of Small Gauge Trans-conjunctival Vitrectomy
Prof., Dr. MED Claus Eckardt, Germany
2008 Intrectomy – A True Cost Effective 23-gauge Sutureless PPV Approach & Reality and Virtual Reality in Modern Vitreo Retinal Diagnostics and Surgery
Frank Koch, MD Frankfurt AM Main, Germany
2007 Ocular Drug Delivery Systems and Their Clinical Implications
Dr. Baruch D Kuppermann, California, USA
2006 Prevention and Management of Massive Suprachoroidal Haemorrhage
Dr. Vinod Lakhanpal, Baltimore, USA
2005 Autoimmune Retinopathy, Car And Mar Syndromes
Dr John R Heckenlively
2003 Update In Macular Degeneration
Prof. Suresh Chandra, Wisconsin, USA
2001 “Genesis, Evolution & Revolution of Macular Hole Surgery”
Dr. Neil E Kelly, California, USA