Year Oration Topic Recipient
2023 Paper [PP108] : Stargardt disease variants, genotype-phenotype correlations and possible therapy – Indian perspective
Dr. Poornachandra B
2022 Paper [PP3] : Development of a Novel Crispr-based Diagnostic Platform for Rapid Diagnosis of Fungal Endophthalmitis
Dr. Siddharth Narendran
2021 Pneumatic Vitreolysis vs Pars Plana Vitrectomy in focal symptomatic Vitreomacular Traction Syndrome: A randomized trial.
Dr. Vinod Agarwal
2019 Denovo Generation and Characterisation of RPE from Human induced Pluripotent stem cells (HIPCS) and its Subretinal Transplantation in RCS Rats
Dr. Rajani Battu
2018 Saw-tooth Shunt a Marker of Babies treated with Intravitreal Anti Vascular Endothelial growth factor for Aggressive Retinopathy of Prematurity
Dr. Tapas Ranjan Padhi
2017 Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Features of the Central Macula following repair of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachments
Dr. Aniruddha Agarwal
2015 [PP142] – Inflammatory Biomarkers in Aqueous of Diabetic Retinopathy Patients undergoing Intravitreal Injections-a Molecular Analysis Study.
Dr. Santhosh Gopikrishna G
2014 A new classification of Retinal Immaturity in Retinopathy of Prematurity Screening : Clinical Validation to Predict Disease
Dr. Chaitra Jayadev
2013 Clinical and Experimental Evaluation of Novel Needle Trocar Cannula with Various Proprietary Metallic Trocar Cannula
Dr. Ajay Aurora
2012 Tubercular Serpiginous like Choroiditis Presenting as Multifocal Serpiginous Choroiditis
Dr. Reema Bansal
2011 Anterior Chamber Invasion in Retinoblastoma : Is it an Indication for Adjuvant Chemotherapy
Dr. Viikas Khetan
2010 Oct Characteristics and Outcome in Optic Disc Pit Maculopathy
Dr. Gaurav Sanghi
2009 Plasma Homocysteine Levels in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
Dr. Sangeet Mittal
2007 “Efficacy of Bevacisumab (Avastin) in Diabetic Macular Edema”
Dr. Ramandeep Singh
2005 DEC Molecular Genotyping and Genetic Epidemiology
Dr. Taraprasad Das
2005 DEC Eidemiological Study on the Awareness of Diabetic Retinopathy in a Rural Population in South India
Dr. A Giridhar
2005 FEB Oct following successful Management of Exogenous Endophthalmitis
Dr. Mangat Dogra
Dr. Nishikant Borse
Dr. Vishali Gupta