4th VRSI National Webinar on Challenging Retinal Surgeries – Seven
Surgical Samurai and One Sensei
Management of Complex Detachments
Keynote Lecture – Dr. Steve Charles
Diabetic Tractional Detachments- Dr. Saravanan V R
Submacular Hemorrhagic Detachments- Dr. Sangeet Mittal
Posterior Segment Tumour Associated Detachments-
Dr. Mahesh Shanmugam
Uveal Effusions and Uveitic-Detachments Dr. Padmaja K Rani
Managing ROP Detachments-Dr. Parijat Chandra
FEVR And Retinoschisis RDs-Dr. Naresh Babu
8. Traumatic Detachments & Endoscopic Vitrectomy-Dr. Rajeev Reddy