Best Scientific Video Award

Year Title of Video Recipient
2022 VIDEO FILM [VS13] : Peipheral Streak Of Pre-Retinal Hemorrhage After Vitrectomy Completion-A Red Flag Or a Red Herring
DR. Sangeet Mittal
2021 En Bloc Resection of a Large Retinal Capillary Hemangioma
DR. Vishal Rawal
2019 VS45 – Salvaging an eye with Endophthalmitis and Permanant Keratoprosthesis
DR. Ekta Rishi
2018 THE OCULAR ANGIOPLASTY – A Novel Surgial Technique To Treat CRAO
DR. Nishikant Jaywant Borse
2017 RETILAPP (Retinal Laser & Photography Practice) EYE MODEL : A Cost-Effective Innovation in Simulation
DR. Pratyusha G
2015 WHERE EAGLES DARE!” – Salvaging Globe Perforation
DR Subhendru Boral
2014 Scleral Autograft For Management Of Chronic Maculopathy Associated With Optic Nerve PIT
DR Parag Kirit Shah
2013 KERATO-Prothesis And Vitrectomy in Endophthalmitis involving Cornea
DR Abhijit Chattopadhyay
2012 Sub-Retinal/Suprachoroidal Infusion in MIVS – Don’t Panic
DR NS Muralidhar